Sigrid Agren for Numero Magazine by Greg Kadel

Top model Sigrid Agren takes the pages of Numero magazine’s April 2014 edition captured by fashion photographer Greg Kadel. For Sunset Boulevard story French stunner was styled by Bill Mullen. Hair styling courtesy of Tuan Anh Tran (Frankreps) with makup by Mariel Barrera. Producer Ernesto Qualizza.

Sigrid-Agren-Numero-Magazine-Greg-Kadel-01 Sigrid-Agren-Numero-Magazine-Greg-Kadel-02 Sigrid-Agren-Numero-Magazine-Greg-Kadel-03 Sigrid-Agren-Numero-Magazine-Greg-Kadel-04 Sigrid-Agren-Numero-Magazine-Greg-Kadel-05 Sigrid-Agren-Numero-Magazine-Greg-Kadel-06 Sigrid-Agren-Numero-Magazine-Greg-Kadel-07 Sigrid-Agren-Numero-Magazine-Greg-Kadel-08 Sigrid-Agren-Numero-Magazine-Greg-Kadel-09 Sigrid-Agren-Numero-Magazine-Greg-Kadel-10


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