Some Kind of Madness by Koty 2 for Live and Travel

Some-Kind-of-Madness-Koty-2-Live-and-Travel-02 Some-Kind-of-Madness-Koty-2-Live-and-Travel-03 Some-Kind-of-Madness-Koty-2-Live-and-Travel-05 Some-Kind-of-Madness-Koty-2-Live-and-Travel-08 Some-Kind-of-Madness-Koty-2-Live-and-Travel-10 Some-Kind-of-Madness-Koty-2-Live-and-Travel-11 Some-Kind-of-Madness-Koty-2-Live-and-Travel-14 Some-Kind-of-Madness-Koty-2-Live-and-Travel-15 Some-Kind-of-Madness-Koty-2-Live-and-Travel-16 Some-Kind-of-Madness-Koty-2-Live-and-Travel-17



Some Kind of Madness story captured by the talented Koty 2 for the latest edition of Live And Travel magazine features models Aleksandra at Avant & Ola at D’Vision styled by Ania Michułka and Różena Grey. Hair styling courtesy of hair stylist Przemysław Kania with makeup by makeup artist Julia Hlebówna. Shot at Idea Fix in Cracow. Koty 2 shared with us never before seen images from Some Kind of Madness.

Ania and Rozena selected for the girls pieces from Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, YSL, Karl Lagerfeld, Lacroix, Dior, Donna Karan, Missoni, Iceberg, Calvin Klein, Moschino, Prada, Chanel, Givenchy, Valentino, Dolce Gabanna, Issey Miyake, Escada, Betsy Johnson, Maldoror, Tomaotomo, Risk, UEG, Wojtek Haratyk, Madbox, Brokat, Klaudia Wcisło, Różena Grey, Mr. Gugu & Miss Go, Anniss, Let’s Funky!, Unikke Design, Urban Flavour, Muffin Wear, Taago, Black Bow, Chomisawa, Odio Tees, Pat Guzik, Anna Frankowska Design, Kasnalka, Szyjemy Sukienki, and Anna Wiszniewska.


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