Evelyn-Bencicova-black-magic-editorial-7 Evelyn-Bencicova-black-magic-editorial-8-600x398 Evelyn-Bencicova-black-magic-editorial-6-600x397 Evelyn-Bencicova-black-magic-editorial-5-600x403 Evelyn-Bencicova-black-magic-editorial-3-600x389 Evelyn-Bencicova-black-magic-editorial-2-600x411 Evelyn-Bencicova-black-magic-editorial-1-600x402


Originating from Bratislava, Slovakia and currently residing in Vienna, Evelyn Bencicova transforms her visions into reality through her photographic series ‘Black and White Magic’.The 21-year old former model’s work is known for its haunting intensity that pays tribute to classical art while sending a deeper message about the fragility of the human condition.


In this series of images the models, some of them bandaged, are dressed in garments resembling hospital gowns, their bodies gracefully contorted into awkward positions on stretchers and crutches. Animal skulls hang from the walls of a cold aseptic backdrop, reminiscent of an abandoned sanitarium; all of this giving the viewer the impression of sickness and death.


Beginning her career as a fashion photographer, Bencicova felt the urge to dedicate her talent to spreading her ideas about society and humanity through her photography. Believing that the motivation and courage to change the world stems from discomfort she creates vignettes that are definitely far from comfortable to look at. However, they are eerily beautiful and acutely intriguing, and leave the viewer with many more questions than answers.

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