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Street artist Vermibus lives and works in Berlin where he collects advertising posters from the streets, using them in his studio as the base material for his work. There, a process of transformation begins. Using clear spirits as a solvent, he brushes away the faces and flesh of the models appearing in the posters in addition to any brand logos in an effort to defy and blur beauty standards. Vermibus’ acts of disfiguration speak to the dehuminization caused by image retouching in campaigns and throughout media. Once the transformation is complete, he then reintroduces the adverts back into their original context, hijacking their original purpose along with the publicity. Genius!

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collages-by-rocio-montoya collages-by-rocio-montoya-1 collages-by-rocio-montoya-k-750x552 collages-by-rocio-montoya-3-750x1066 collages-by-rocio-kontoya-4-750x519 collages-by-rocio-montoya-5 collages-by-rocio-montoya-6-750x458 collages-by-rocio-montoya-7-750x875 collages-by-rocio-montoya-9-750x553 collages-by-rocio-montoya-16-750x345

You know by now that we are crazy aboutcollages & mixed media and Spanish artistRocio Montoya has some pretty amazing ones! Her interest is particularly focused on the experimental portrait, approached through different plastic techniques and always with photography as the essential basis of each final artwork .


Her specialty is the experimental photography and then she immersed herself in the field of visual arts by curiosity to express her concerns and the need to seek beauty as a means of escape and personal enjoyment.

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