vermibus-street-art-10-750x1009 vermibus-street-art-11-750x1006 vermibus-street-art-12-750x938 vermibus-street-art-13-750x1084 vermibus-street-art-14-750x1127 vermibus-street-art-15-750x1125 vermibus-street-art-750x328 vermibus-street-art-4-750x422 vermibus-street-art-3-750x500

Street artist Vermibus lives and works in Berlin where he collects advertising posters from the streets, using them in his studio as the base material for his work. There, a process of transformation begins. Using clear spirits as a solvent, he brushes away the faces and flesh of the models appearing in the posters in addition to any brand logos in an effort to defy and blur beauty standards. Vermibus’ acts of disfiguration speak to the dehuminization caused by image retouching in campaigns and throughout media. Once the transformation is complete, he then reintroduces the adverts back into their original context, hijacking their original purpose along with the publicity. Genius!

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collages-by-rocio-montoya collages-by-rocio-montoya-1 collages-by-rocio-montoya-k-750x552 collages-by-rocio-montoya-3-750x1066 collages-by-rocio-kontoya-4-750x519 collages-by-rocio-montoya-5 collages-by-rocio-montoya-6-750x458 collages-by-rocio-montoya-7-750x875 collages-by-rocio-montoya-9-750x553 collages-by-rocio-montoya-16-750x345

You know by now that we are crazy aboutcollages & mixed media and Spanish artistRocio Montoya has some pretty amazing ones! Her interest is particularly focused on the experimental portrait, approached through different plastic techniques and always with photography as the essential basis of each final artwork .


Her specialty is the experimental photography and then she immersed herself in the field of visual arts by curiosity to express her concerns and the need to seek beauty as a means of escape and personal enjoyment.

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Evelyn-Bencicova-black-magic-editorial-7 Evelyn-Bencicova-black-magic-editorial-8-600x398 Evelyn-Bencicova-black-magic-editorial-6-600x397 Evelyn-Bencicova-black-magic-editorial-5-600x403 Evelyn-Bencicova-black-magic-editorial-3-600x389 Evelyn-Bencicova-black-magic-editorial-2-600x411 Evelyn-Bencicova-black-magic-editorial-1-600x402


Originating from Bratislava, Slovakia and currently residing in Vienna, Evelyn Bencicova transforms her visions into reality through her photographic series ‘Black and White Magic’.The 21-year old former model’s work is known for its haunting intensity that pays tribute to classical art while sending a deeper message about the fragility of the human condition.


In this series of images the models, some of them bandaged, are dressed in garments resembling hospital gowns, their bodies gracefully contorted into awkward positions on stretchers and crutches. Animal skulls hang from the walls of a cold aseptic backdrop, reminiscent of an abandoned sanitarium; all of this giving the viewer the impression of sickness and death.


Beginning her career as a fashion photographer, Bencicova felt the urge to dedicate her talent to spreading her ideas about society and humanity through her photography. Believing that the motivation and courage to change the world stems from discomfort she creates vignettes that are definitely far from comfortable to look at. However, they are eerily beautiful and acutely intriguing, and leave the viewer with many more questions than answers.

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Kate Grigorieva by Billy Kidd for Numero Magazine

Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-02 Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-03 Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-04 Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-05 Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-06 Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-07 Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-09 Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-10


Up and comer Kate Grigorieva lands the cover story of Numero Magazine‘s November 2014 edition lensed by fashion photographer Billy Kidd with styling from Charles Varenne. Hair styling courtesy of Diego Da Silva with makeup by Fredrik Stambro and manicure by Mar Y Soul.





Flower artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc has collaborated with photographer Isabelle Chapuis for two poetical series : “Dandelion” and “Etamine”. The first series of portraits pays tribute to dandelions through women’s portraits, full of finesse. The second one focuses on a man dressed up and masked by carnations’, anemones’, iris’ and chrysanthemum’s petals.

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nastplas-10 nastplas-8 nastplas-7 nastplas-4 nastplas-1 nastplas-2

Nastplas is DrFranken and Natalia Molinos, two freelance illustrators and graphic designers by way of Madrid. Pooling their individual skills together, it reads an impressive roster: software development, 3D rendering, airbrush skills, photography, interior design, decorating, and much more.


Their latest work includes the beautifully dark works of Alliance, Volcano, Karion, and St. Ledger. The four conceptual digital works are at once heavily and richly textured, yet deliver a certain otherworldliness that digital does best.

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Guinevere Van Seenus for Dazed by Paolo Roversi

Guinevere-Van-Seenus-Dazed-Paolo-Roversi-01 Guinevere-Van-Seenus-Dazed-Paolo-Roversi-02 Guinevere-Van-Seenus-Dazed-Paolo-Roversi-03 Guinevere-Van-Seenus-Dazed-Paolo-Roversi-04 Guinevere-Van-Seenus-Dazed-Paolo-Roversi-05 Guinevere-Van-Seenus-Dazed-Paolo-Roversi-06 Guinevere-Van-Seenus-Dazed-Paolo-Roversi-07 Guinevere-Van-Seenus-Dazed-Paolo-Roversi-08

Supermodel Guinevere Van Seenus teams up with fashion photographer Paolo Roversi for the Pins & Needles story coming from the pages of Dazed Magazine‘s Fall 2014 issue. In charge of styling was Robbie Spencer with hair by Martin Cullen, makeup by Marie Duhart and manicure by Hiro.