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Nastplas is DrFranken and Natalia Molinos, two freelance illustrators and graphic designers by way of Madrid. Pooling their individual skills together, it reads an impressive roster: software development, 3D rendering, airbrush skills, photography, interior design, decorating, and much more.


Their latest work includes the beautifully dark works of Alliance, Volcano, Karion, and St. Ledger. The four conceptual digital works are at once heavily and richly textured, yet deliver a certain otherworldliness that digital does best.

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W Hotel San Diego by Mr. Important Design


The warm design of W Hotel interior in San Diego comes from the drawing board of Scenario Interior Architects. For a closer look, continue after the jump:

W-Hotel-Mr-Important-04 W-Hotel-Mr-Important-05


From the Architects:

It’s a bit like how you feel after a big wave tumbles you under and you come up all dizzy… the burst of the setting sun, the colors of the water and the sunset intensified by your off-kilter state. Walking into the W San Diego, you are greeted with a graphic interior that pulls toward a far bar with DJ perched overhead. “Home Sweet Home” beckons you toward the ignition point of the graphic vortex. Twenty-five foot tall gold- mirrored obelisks lean this way and that, reflecting the graphic itnerior at angles that seem disconcerting and beautiful at the same time.





Bursts of driftwood combine with brass rod to form the signature chandeliers. It’s all a bit of fantasy, flotsam and jetsam of the beach mixed with a heaping helping of California golden glam. A short walk away the restaurant “Kelvin” spins another sunset scenario with smoke from bonfires wafting up the orange candy glass walls. The piercing blue of the ocean finds a spot at the bar and provides a contrasting color punch in the marmalade interior.




The final statement of the bonfire-inspired interior takes place on the Rooftop. A stack of aluminum Emeco chairs is set ablaze nightly and tugboat rope found abanoned on the beach becomes a sparkling chandelier. And another perfect Southern California sunset passes into the night.






Project: W Hotel 
Designed by Mr. Important Design 
Area: 772 sqm 
Location: San Diego, California, USA