Meghan Collison & Esmeralda Seay-Reynolds for Flair Magazine

Flair-Ryan-McGinley-02 Flair-Ryan-McGinley-03 Flair-Ryan-McGinley-07 Flair-Ryan-McGinley-08 Flair-Ryan-McGinley-15 Flair-Ryan-McGinley-13

Fashion photographer Ryan McGinley captures Flair Magazine‘s December 2014 cover story starring top models Meghan Collison and Esmeralda Seay-Reynoldsstyled by Sissy Vian.




Kate Grigorieva by Billy Kidd for Numero Magazine

Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-02 Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-03 Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-04 Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-05 Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-06 Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-07 Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-09 Kate-Grigorieva-Numero-Billy-Kidd-10


Up and comer Kate Grigorieva lands the cover story of Numero Magazine‘s November 2014 edition lensed by fashion photographer Billy Kidd with styling from Charles Varenne. Hair styling courtesy of Diego Da Silva with makeup by Fredrik Stambro and manicure by Mar Y Soul.

Web: www.numero-magazine.com